Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Works at the Exhibition

I gave an artists floor talk on 12 February for the The Endless Garment Exhibition at RMIT Gallery. During the lecture, I got asked questions like… "so now your clothes are hanging in a gallery space; do we call it art?” Disappointingly to some, I didn’t care to make the distinction (between art and fashion); I’m not fussed about the word ‘art’ as a reference for a higher culture; or as an improvement on a culture. Art happens everyday, like fashion. Fashion is an interesting communication tool; a creative visual language. It’s a system of symbols much the same as graphics, or even music for that matter. And within that communication system there will be parameters of complexity and layers that averse, repel, delight and inspire to aspire to broad audiences with differing receptivity; it records a moment in time; an historical imprint. One must find their own meaning in it; that’s what’s interesting about fashion exhibitions.

The 3 Jumpers Project: whole garment knitting machine technology.

The 3 jumpers project I saw as an opportunity to create 2 pieces that progressed from form to thread; where thread was used to exploit or benefit the garment rather than used in the absence of stitches; this could only develop during the process of knitting. Once the first swatch was knitted it was easy to determine the forms based on the movement and integrity of the fabric. The technician was pivotal in that decision making process; and in the recommendation of structure to hold its integrity and for me to then decide where to push the disintegration of the fabric; to create movement, and to balance light and density; and then to decide on shape – where to increase and decrease stitches in the garment to determine its manouver over the body.

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