Monday, April 18, 2011

Knitting Symposium

Made a presentation at Auckland University Knitting Symposium ; keynote speaker was the eponymous author Sandy Black. Sandy is from the London College of Arts; amazing woman, she has a wealth of knowledge of knitting and was a true inspiration to meet. So at the symposium many issues were discussed, about industry, innovation and education; and how these can be improved for the future. With representatives from all of these, there were some really interesting insights. There were discussions that went round and round the issues of technology advancing beyond the innovation applied to it, which leaves a big gap in creativity meeting industry; and why?!
In my opinion one of the key points that was raised was "why do we not train our knitwear designers to program the machines, and shouldn't it be part of the curriculum?" True; I mean to get a graphic design degree, one has to know the design programs, right!? I hope, truly hope; that whatever changes are implemented over time, that the perception of knitting is changed too, and for it to be considered as a valid design discipline that takes just as much enquiry as any design process.

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