Monday, June 13, 2011


My new bespoke yarn arriving into stores very soon - next week in fact. Ahhh boy, its taken months to develop this yarn, nothing's ever easy! It is a very clever yarn if I must say so myself; it's made from recycled fibres from factory remnants - but this is no rubbish; it's CASHMERE, SILK, ALPACA, WOOL, & being New Zealand, a bit of POSSUM. I was beside myself when I spied a rainbow of waste yarn sitting there at the spinning mill, I have no idea where it would have ended up otherwise, but I'd like to think that I've rescued it from being landfill or becoming a removalist blanket (although I think these are pretty cool).

These beautiful fibres have been mixed together and spun into a bulky roving style yarn. It's a bit tweedy where its got these little specs of multicolour dotted through a heathered GREIGE colour, which is all the colours mixed together. This WOOLI yarn has all the beautiful characteristics of each natural fibre; the luxurious softness of CASHMERE, the lustre of SILK, the warmth of ALPACA, the spring of WOOL, and the lightness of POSSUM. I have dyed colours too; black, grey, & burgundy; the multicolour specs are still prominent in these colours. Now here I know I'm revealing myself to be a yarn nerd, but I am so &*^#@$#% excited about this yarn, I hope you are too.

This is a bulky yarn for chunky knitting and you can knit CONSTRUCTION NO1 & CONSTRUCTION NO2 with it, but I have designed also a Construction No 3 for WOOLI, so I will unveil this shortly too. The yarn will come in Jumbo balls for CONSTRUCTION NO3.

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