Monday, April 30, 2012

Reading at Gather

Well there's more than just reading at Gather, these mags, periodicals and books will inspire, delight and inform. Brand new Anthology mag in just this week. Each publication has a clever theme that connects you with the culture of design, art, craft, creative travel and lifestyles across the globe, through non-pretentious and quirky editorial and photography. The new theme is 'Wit & Whimsy', and I still have previous edition of 'Handmade at Home'.
Kinfolk is a brand new mag from the US, which is printed on beautiful stock, and has such a refreshingly unique styling about it, you don't want to ever get to the end. Its lovely to read and to turn the pages, a design and art culture mag with stories of 'gathering'; around food, friends & strangers.
Selvedge is a UK magazine which every fibre enthusiast should have. Its the only magazine of its kind, full of beautiful and fascinating stories & photography of the culture of contemporary and historical textile design, industry, folklore, from small studio production to large industry across fashion, fine art, interiors, travel, shopping, craft.
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