Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Mr D

An exciting addition to my street is Mr D, a great new restaurant and bar. The danger is it's only a few doors away from the shop; I'll have to resist the temptation of daily breakfast,lunch and dinner there. It's pretty hard to because a morning coffee accompanied by the Mr D doughnut served with a syringe of foamy vanilla custard which you inject into the doghnut is pretty awesome. The lunch/dinner menu is also provocative enough to lure you back in there again; my favourite dishes so far are the Pulled pork, white polenta, apple salad, fennel pollen salt; and Risotto of braised duck, cavalo nero & pine nuts. The kitchen is open to the restaurant, so you see the roast ducks stacked on racks as they come out of the oven (and the doughnuts). Nice wine list with a mix of Hawkes Bay, Spanish and Italian. Great interior and graphic design; same design team as The Depot in Auckland. This place is making me miss Melbourne less.
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