Monday, December 17, 2012

$50 Gift Suggestions at Gather

If you're like me and leaving your Christmas shopping to the last minute, but still want something reealllyy special, I've got some Gather gift suggestions for you for around $50.
1.Porcelain Butterfly Wall Ornament. 2.Bird Notebook Journal. 3.Rimu Knitting Needles. 4.Handspun Silk Yarn. 5.CrossStitch Kit. 6.Handmade rabbit by artist Katherine Quinn. 8.Last Minute Gifts Pattern Book. 9.Wide Bow Scissors. 10.Handwoven Flax Basket. 11.Knitted Cactus. 12.Handspun Art Yarn. 13.Felt Necklaces. 14.The Paper Garden book by Molly Peacock. 15.Porcelain Dragonfly Wall Ornament. 16.Handknitted Zebra. 17.Graphic Notebook Journal. 18.Box of 5 types of Pins.
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