Monday, January 28, 2013

Folk Art

I've got a couple of framed pieces of antique needlepoint cloth in the store on display, and they attract so much attention. I'm not sure how old my pieces are, but I had a lovely customer bring her own personal collection in to show me, and what's remarkable about hers is that they are 18th century patterns, from which she creates the needlepoint cloth herself. Here she had this delicate folder of tattered pages of patterns tucked away in her bag, with pieces of perfect, colourful cross stitch cloth in bright new threads. Sure, they didn't have the patina or wear of age, but here was a poignant statement about this art still being well and alive, as cross-stitch is one of the oldest embroidery Folk Art forms. In the shop we do have some awesome re-inventions of Cross Stitch; like the Helvetica Cross Stitch Kits by Tamara Maynes, and a project book by Cath Kidston called Stitch. And taking it up a level, Textile Artist, Jane Denton has some framed stitch art in the shop for sale. Jane will be exhibiting new work at Gather in March, the opening details of which we post soon.
Images above are 1. Antique Needlepoint on Display at the Gather, 2. Customer with her 18th Century Pattern Needlepoint. 3. Helvetica Cross Stitch Kits by Tamara Maynes. 4. 'Stitch' needlepoint project book by Cath Kidston available at Gather. 5. 'XS' stitch art by Jane Denton, available as framed finished art at Gather.
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