Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Shop's 1st Birthday

The Gather Shop has just had its first birthday last week, and I'd quite forgotten to celebrate, until I received flowers and messages from friends and customers congratulating me on my first year of trading.  This prompted a little celebration, and some reflection.  Small town culture takes quite some acclimatising; Seriously, some people still peep through the windows and either run away when I see them, or come in with great trepidation; or actually tip-toe in!.  Then there are other moments, that with gratitude I soak up; such as the elated customer (to have found such an awesome knitting shop in the middle of nowhere), engaging conversation, a fleeting meeting of minds, a kinship of spirit, some culture from other places.  While there's plenty of provincial and uncharitable commentary, believe me!, all these other moments actually make up for it.  Yesterday was Earth Day, I'm celebrating that this week, because I'm so glad to be part of a bigger world.

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