Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Natural Dye Lab

An integral part of my product selection at Gather is valuing the process of raw and natural materials; and that includes making colours from Nature.  Last year I ran some natural dye workshops and this is what I wrote: "Experience how to use dyes from the wildest of nature, trees and forests, derived from ancient recipes. Recipes made from berries, flowers, roots and insect resins that are steeped in history. Experience the stories of the Ancient Dyes; Stories of secret recipes coveted by spies, of cargo that traversed continents and created countries, colours which robed Vestal Virgins, clothed Robin Hood and his Gang, and uniformed Armies of Ancient Kingdoms. Once forbidden and still sacred Colours, Colours that are still grown, harvested, gathered, smoked by fire and blessed by ancient deities. Can it be any more enticing than this, even if its to just absorb the heady fragrances of this old, old world."  We have some new natural dyes in store, including beautiful books on dyeing.

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