Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Handknitter's Yarn Guide

I remember in my interview with the Design Files I really pondered over the "what's your dream job" question. And I replied that I'd like to travel the world to examine all the rare fibres available, and work out what to knit with them. Well; it came true!!!!

I was actually approached by a publisher to author this particular book: "The Handknitter's Yarn Guide";and I didn't actually travel the world to find the knitting yarn, but I was given a budget to source them, so I trawled the internet (hey - same thing, sort of!) And so for the last year I've had parcels landing on my doorstep from all corners of the world of every type of hand knitting yarn imaginable, made from every fibre possible; animal, vegetable and synthetic. So, I've had time to play, work, and review, and compile all this into a book.

The most amazing I discovered is Vicuna, a rare South American animal; so rare it's US$300 for a 50g ball. 50g's enough to make half a mitten. The most under-rated fibre; Camel - just as fine, soft, warm and beautiful as Cashmere; but you don't see any model/actress come fashion designer releasing a new 'camel knitwear range do you'. I have a list of the most surprising and the most delightful; Seacell (made out of seaweed), Kenaf (from the bark of a bamboo/like plant), Milk (yep; solidified then spun into a yarn), Corn & Nettle. And there's more, my God there's so much more!!!! You will have to wait for the book to come out to discover the rest: March 2012, from St Martin's Press in the US, and Search Press in the UK.
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