Tuesday, August 2, 2011


What a week - phew!! The highlights for me was the actual pitching of the tent , and setting up the ambience for the space/ once the LIGHTLY lamps and pom poms were up I was satisfied it was going to be a productive and beautiful space to share and work for the week at Harvest Workroom. The other highlight of course was the really diverse range of people who attended; one lady brought her elderly mother who has been an accomplished knitter all her life, but can't make the complex and demanding garments she used to make, and can now only knit squares, and so was inspired by the end of the workshop; and then a guy who wanted to learn to knit so he can make something for his girlfried - hoowww sweeeet!! I enjoyed the conversations with all the hospitality workers who had days and afternoons off to knit/ a couple of lawyers, a few designers, artists & fashion students & many textile appreciators. And of course the yummy food / my morning trips to QV Market kept the table filled with pots of tea and fruit, cake, bread, cheese.
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