Monday, July 22, 2013

Melbourne Workshops

Melbourne's Craft Cubed Festival is now officially launched, and I will be participating by holding two-day intensive Construction Workshops at Harvest Textiles.  The Workshops include all materials including Bespoke Wooli, Knitting Needles and Patterns.  Plus exclusive to these Workshops, the NEW CONSTRUCTION NO. 4 TRIANGLE KNITTING PROJECTS with additional Annex Patterns.  The workshops will cover hands-on knitting techniques, how to design knitwear using geometric shapes, adjusting and tailoring patterns, finishing techniques / all using the clear visual aids of the Construction Knitting Patterns as a guide.  They are only small classes so I will be able to give one-on-one guidance, and the classes are suitable for all levels of knitting knowledge, from absolute beginners to advanced.
Bookings at Harvest Textiles.   Two separate workshops:
Sunday August 18 & Monday August 19 2013 10.30am - 3pm
Saturday August 24 & Sunday August 25 2013 10.30am - 3pm

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