Wednesday, August 21, 2013


I'm quite a fan of the D.E. product, so when this D.E.(y) workshop popped up I jumped at the chance especially as I'm researching a new type of collaborative design practice called 'participatory design'; where the designer creates the tools and systems for the user to be co-designer, and assemble and adapt the design to their particular needs or taste.  This systems design is now something that is being used for product (see Droog's downloadable design), architecture and implementing new I.T for offices. Well if you're wondering what all this has to do with knitting, the answer is design has to do with everything, and hey, haven't you seen the Construction Knitting projects.  So Daniel Emma created a beautifully laid out set of materials and instructions that we used to make geometric shaped moulds to pour plaster into that made functional objects such a vessel, a magnetic paper weight and a wall hanger, which we then could finish to our liking with paint and and pigments.  D.E. do not consider themselves makers, so the novel experience of this workshop was being involved in their process of design thinking and problem solving, plus they were super generous hosts with their attention. 

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